Dr. Jena is the founder and owner of Driving Development, LLC. She is a pediatric physical therapist with her doctorate in physical therapy. She received her doctorate in 2017 from University of North Texas Health Science Center and specialized in pediatrics her entire career and enjoys working with children of all ages. She is a Board Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist & specializes in treatment of gross motor development for children ages 0-3 years old.  

Dr. Jena, PT, DPT, PCS

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Why Choose Driving Development?

Driving Development focuses on helping children ages 0-3 years meet and attain gross motor milestones from tummy time through first steps. Through one-on-one patient centered care, your pediatric therapist puts your child's best interests as the forefront while making the caregivers an integral part of the treatment team. Driving Development holds to the highest standard excellence and altruism. When you book a visit with us, know that your child is receiving the highest quality of care in the area coupled with specialized and personalized insight. With years of treatment and results behind us, we are ready to go forward and help you find answers. Lets take this next step together.

Do you take my insurance?  
Driving Development Physical Therapy is an out of network provider. This means we do not accept insurance for our services. We charge a flat rate for our sessions. If desired, we can provide a superbill that you may submit to your insurance in order to request reimbursement for out of network services. 

Why choose an out of network physical therapy service? 
Due to the changing environment of healthcare, typical plans are shifting towards high deductibles with low reimbursement rates for providers. Because of this, healthcare providers are pushed into seeing a higher volume of patients in order to remain open, while patients are paying higher amounts to be seen. Additionally, insurance companies often impose visit limitations, or require authorizations in order to be seen. Being an out of network provider allows us to create a plan of care on our own terms, without the rules and regulations of insurance companies. We are also able to provide personalized, one on one care with each patient. We understand time is incredibly valuable, and with this model we are able to respect you and your child’s time and focus on your child.  

Do I need a referral for physical therapy in Texas? 
Yes and no. A bill allowing for direct access passed in the 2019 Texas legislative session. This means, a physical therapist in the state of Texas can evaluate a patient, including your child, and treat for up to 10 days without a doctor’s prescription. If treatment is required and indicated past those 10 days, we need a referral or signed plan of care from a physician, dentist, or chiropractor. You may be seen for an evaluation, and if further session are indicated for your child, we will send you a form you may pass on to your child's pediatrician that they can easily fill out. Under this same law, a physical therapist is able to provide health and wellness intervention and services to a patient/child who is asymptomatic including instructions to promote health, wellness, fitness and development. 

Will I be given exercises to work on with my child after the session? 
Yes. Following each session, you will be provided with a list of exercises to continue to work on outside of therapy. Your adherence to exercises outside of therapy is paramount to your child’s success in treatment. These exercises will be communicated and followed up with via email with your consent. 

Care for your child delivered in the language they speak--play! It makes transition of skills learned in therapy more fluid to everyday life. 

Purposeful Play


Working in concert with a qualified and educated professional to achieve the goals you set for your child. 

better Outcomes


We foster connection between therapist, caregiver and child to achieve the goals that matter most to you and your family. After all, we are parents too. We want the best start for our littles too.

Authentic Connections


We work in unison with caregivers to create a treatment plan that empowers you to drive your child's development. 

Empowering Caregivers


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