During an evaluation a Pediatric Specialist will perform a face to face assessment of your child's gross motor abilities. During the evaluation, we will address any concerns you may have about your child's gross motor development and create a treatment plan. 


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Meet with clinician and tackle concerns about your child's development head on. 
*Payment is due at time of service 

Meet With Clinician-It's that simple!


Tell us a bit about your child, your concerns and what your goals are. 

Fill out intake paperwork


Our team member will discuss your concerns and book you an evaluation day and time that works best for your schedule. 

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Fill out the "Contact" tab on the website with appropriate contact information and a member of our team will reach out. 




Hands on Evaluation with Dr. Jena Schultz, PT, DPT. Jena will complete a full evaluation on your child's gross motor development and skills and create a treatment plan when necessary. 
60 minutes

Physical Therapy Evaluation


Follow-Up treatment visit with Dr. Jena Schultz, PT, DPT. Evaluation must be booked first. 
45 minutes

Physical Therapy Treatment 


This is a 30 minutes appointment to talk through milestones, purposeful play & toy recommendations. This is to ensure baby is on track with milestones for babies who do not have a known diagnosis or delay--rather, this is a consult to discuss milestones. Caregiver will leave with 3-5 general education activities to promote milestones as well as 3-5 developmental toy recommendations. This is NOT a pediatric physical therapy evaluation or treatment session. If an evaluation is indicated after this consult, one will be booked.  
*available virtually or in person*

Purposeful Play Consults


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